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Canada is giving Ukraine with CAD 450 million to purchase gas ahead of the winter
Toronto Police have recovered a pellet gun after officers shot and killed a man carrying a rifle
Canada's lawmakers unanimously voted to declare Russia's actions in Ukraine to be Genocide
Canada could produce 500,000 more barrels of oil per day while still meeting climate targets: RBC
Canada says that the G20 cannot function if Russia is present at the table
Freeland is confident that the CO2 tax credit will entice large-scale investment
The Bank of Canada has raised its benchmark interest rate to 1%
Housing prices are spiraling out of control, resulting in an Intergenerational Injustice, said Canada's Deputy PM
Canadian Terminally Ill Cancer Patients Get Legaly Magic Mushroom Doses
Canada will invest $2 billion in a mineral strategy for the electric vehicle battery supply chain
Canada returns to Lockheed Martin for F-35s
Canadian couple scammed out of $1.2 million after thinking they won the US lottery
A list of Canadian companies who have cut relations with Russia as a reaction to the invasion of Ukraine