Indiefoxx Loses Partnership with Twitch

Indiefoxx Loses Partnership with Twitch.

Image: Indiefoxx

Twitch streamer Indiefoxx was again banned and lost its partnership with Twitch, renowned for its evocative hot tub and ASMR shows. 

The Indiefoxx Twitch streamer isn't new to being banned; the content provider alone was banned six times in 2021. Indiefoxx, a 26-year-old with the real name Jenelle Dagres, is one of the Twitch Streamers who popularized the contentious hot tub and sexualized ASMR memes.

In fact, Indiefoxx's most recent ban was implemented on June 18th, and it demonstrated that the camera covered the microphone while on an ASMR broadcast and was dressed in yoga pants on the back end.This occurred on the day when streamer Amouranth was banned for the same conduct, and after three days, the two content providers returned to the platform. While Amouranth seemed to have retreated from the provocative sexual broadcasts, Indiefoxx persisted.

Indiefoxx was again banned on 28 June and, even if the specific cause was not obvious, open sexual materials, which in the guidelines of Twitch's service are prohibited, would probably again occur. Apparently, the Twitch relationship was also cancelled, in addition to being unable to stream on the platform. A user named CommanderRoot uploaded a Twitter picture that demonstrates that Indiefoxx is no longer a Twitch partner or associate.

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The streamer has remained silent on social media since the ban took place, although it typically jokes about being banned from Twitch and the reason is said to be because its expulsion from the platform is uncertain this time around. Even Amouranth addressed the issue in a Reddit post, claiming that it was the cause of Indiefoxx's inactivity.

Losing a Twitch relationship may be a big blow to a content creator, especially when Twitch is a key revenue source. It can't have paid subscribers anymore and loses access to valuable ad income streams. The broadcaster has additional revenue sources in the case of Indiefoxx, such as OnlyFans, but presently holds over two million Twitch followers, and, on average, over 10,000 viewers for every stream. The prohibitions appear to be boosting her popularity, but she may have gone too far this time.

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Twitch has often been criticized for its inconsistencies with respect to implementing its ban on sexualized content, allowing prominent streamers to escape inadmissibility or putting major financial managers back on the site earlier than it appears to be fair. The decline in the status of partnerships makes one wonder how soon Indiefoxx may finally return to streaming on Twitch, given that it will no longer be a main source of money for the site.


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