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Sony confirms that the PC version of God of War has been outsourced

The port will be handled by the Canadian studio Jetpack Interactive. God of War (2018) is set to release on PC in 2022, which has players excited, especially because they'll be able to see what mods PC players will inevitably create.
God of War
God Of War Gameplay
The PC port of God of War is being developed by Canadian studio Jetpack Interactive, it has been confirmed. Sony Interactive Entertainment said in a statement to Arstechnica that the Canadian studio is developing God of War PC under the supervision of original creator Sony Santa Monica.

Jetpack is a support and port house that has worked on Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare II, Dark Souls PC, and various NBA Live games. Surprisingly, one Jetpack Interactive programmer lists Ragnarok, the sequel to God of War, as a project he's working on. This could be an error, or it could be related to ongoing work on the PlayStation console versions.

Although, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan has recently expressed a desire for the company's games to reach a wider audience. All of this will be mentioned in the universe, but mods will not stop there. There are already popular crossovers predicted by players, ranging from the cool to the ridiculous. Untitled Goose Game and SpongeBob SquarePants are two ideas floated by Twitter users, and with God of War fans already cross-pollinating with the annoying bird meme, this appears plausible.

In a keynote address at GI Live: London, the PlayStation CEO stated that he aspires to reach hundreds of millions of players and compete with the reach of movies and music. "I hope, and I truly believe, that the PlayStation 5 will be Sony's biggest, best, and most loved PlayStation yet." "I hope that happens," Ryan said when asked about his future plans.

"I'd also like to see a world in which the games we create at PlayStation can be enjoyed by tens of millions of people." Hundreds of millions of people, perhaps. Right now, success with the current console model entails tens or even tens of millions of people being able to play a really great PlayStation hit."

Ryan's remarks are surprising given Sony's public commitment to console exclusivity. It has softened its approach to PC in the last year, with some notable games already released on PC and more planned, but it has also been heavily suggested that this will be limited to back catalog titles.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that God of War will be released for PC on January 14, 2022."On supported devices, you'll be able to experience the full potential of our cinematic, no-cut camera as it follows Kratos and Atreus across the realms with the option of true 4k resolution and unlocked framerates," Grace Orlady, senior community manager at developer Santa Monica Studio, told the PlayStation Blog.

God of War is now available on PlayStation 4, with a PC port set to release on January 14, 2022.


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