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PlayStation users can obtain 5 Platinum Trophies in less than 5 minutes

PlayStation users can get 5 Platinum Trophies in less than 5 minutes
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PlayStation users can get 5 Platinum Trophies in less than 5 minutes.

Although platinum trophies are supposed to be hard to acquire, one PlayStation user reveals that not all trophy lists are made equal.

Whereas many PlayStation gamers are uninterested in trophies, others put their time into locating the digital badges of achievement. Platinum is the most valued trophy that PlayStation users can achieve, yet one gamer has proven that some Platinum is laughably simple to obtain.

How PlayStation users can obtain 5 Platinum Trophies in less than 5 minutes?

To obtain a Platinum trophy on PlayStation, players must first complete all of the other trophies on the list. This takes dozens of hours and countless runs in games like Returnal and Hades. Even the easier Platinum awards, such as Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, require players to complete the game and do everything there is to do. While it is uncommon for a AAA game to have a ridiculously simple trophy list, some indie games are popular precisely because they offer simple prizes for gamers to earn.

A clip from PlayStation fan and trophy hunter IBadDriverI demonstrates how simple it is to obtain Platinum trophies. The video begins by showcasing how "trophy games," or titles that gamers play solely to increase their trophy level, have become progressively easier. For example, unlocking the Platinum trophy in the Hannah Montana: The Movie tie-in game took four hours. A little more than 12 years later, multiple games can be Platinumed in under a minute, as IBadDriverI goes on to demonstrate with the rest of their clip.

The player begins with Grab The Bowling Balls, one of many Breakthrough Gaming titles available for download. Each of these games has a strangely easy Platinum trophy, which the YouTuber shows by completing Catch The Bowling Balls in 30 seconds. Sakura Succubus is up next, a visual novel that can be Platinumed in under a minute if players choose to ignore the text via the settings menu. Quick Mafs, a children's educational game, has earned another one-minute Platinum. The final two games are Legends of Talia: Arcadia and Breakthrough Gaming's Bowling, both of which are completed in under a minute.

IBadDriverI has achieved five complete Platinums in just five minutes, earning multiple Gold trophies in the process. As a result, their alternate account has breezed through the first few trophy levels. The clip does a fantastic job of highlighting the present status of PlayStation trophy hunting as well as the ongoing discussion around games like these. Many claims that these titles make hunting trophies a pay-to-win proposition, while others argue that they are innocuous. Depending on which side gamers pick, IBadDriverI's video is surely interesting.

Games like the ones listed above can be attractive to PlayStation users who care more about making a massive number of trophies than obtaining a few unique ones. With so many simple trophy games now available on the PlayStation Store, speedruns in which players compete to acquire the most awards are sure to grow more popular in the future.

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