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Most Game Developers are not interested in NFTs

Most Game Developers are not interested NFT, according to survey report
NFTs are unattractive to most game developers, surveys reveal

According to a new survey, 70% of developers have little interest in using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in their games.

The annual State of the Game Industry Report, which surveyed over 2700 game developers about their work, has been released by the Game Developers Conference.

"What is your studio's interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?" was one of the queries.

70% of respondents stated they were "not interested," while 21% said they were "slightly interested," and 7% said they were "extremely interested." Only 1% of respondents said they were already working on them.

"What is your studio's interest in cryptocurrencies as a payment tool?" another question stated.

NFTs are unattractive to the most of game developers, survey reveal
Most Game Developers dislike NFT

The results were similar, with 72% saying they were not interested, 21% saying they were slightly interested, 6% saying they were very interested, and 1 percent saying they were already using it.

"When asked about the possibilities of cryptocurrencies or NFTs in games, a few [developers] proclaimed it the future of gaming," according to GDC.

"However, a large majority of respondents were opposed to both techniques, citing the possibility for scams, general monetization issues, and environmental consequences."

The research also included some favorable replies, such as "I believe this is going to be a big revolution in the way we think about digital products and equity."

However, the vast majority of answers were unfavorable, with one developer responding, "It's beyond me how this hasn't been discovered as a pyramid scheme."

Another person questioned, "Why do we need them?" "What is the value of incorporating these systems into our games?" Who is it that is making use of these items? It appears that the crowd is quite small.

"Moreover, these technologies continue to use non-renewable energy and are a source of money laundering." As a developer, I am genuinely concerned that these are being pushed.

"We hear stories about crypto millionaires, but everything is really unstable and dishonest, so it feels completely motivated by greed for more money."

Many gaming companies, notably Konami and Ubisoft, have already begun selling digital things as NFTs, though this has sparked criticism from some due to the format's enormous carbon impact and what many views to be cynical implementation. Doom 2 mod allows players NFT shoot.

The most recent high-profile games publisher to exhibit enthusiasm about technology advancements was Square Enix. Xbox CEO Phil Spencer is concerned about the exploitative potential of NFTs.

President Yosuke Matsuda promised to include blockchain and NFT games in the company's game portfolio in a New Year letter published during the holiday break.

Sega registered a trademark for 'Sega NFT' this week, while Troy Baker, a well-known voice actor in video games, announced a partnership with Voiceverse NFT, which claims to let customers buy AI voices as NFTs that can then be used in any game.

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