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Xbox 20th Anniversary Documentary has won a Daytime Emmy Award

Xbox 20th Anniversary Documentary has won a Daytime Emmy Award

Power on covers the platform's entire history, from its inception to the present day.

Power On: The Story of Xbox, a multi-part documentary series covering Xbox's twenty-year history, has won a Daytime Emmy award.

The series, which debuted on YouTube last year and featured interviews with all of the platform's significant figures, won the award for Outstanding Single-Camera Editing.

The show featured a massive amount of archival footage, including some never before seen footage from the Microsoft vault.

The documentary is available for free on YouTube, The Roku Channel, Redbox, Microsoft, and IMDbTV.

The following are the episodes, with YouTube links:

Chapter 1: The Renegades - A small group of upstarts sets out to persuade Microsoft that it is time to enter the console market. 

Chapter 2: The Valentine's Day Massacre: The contest to own the living room is now on it comes at a high price and comes with a lot of risks.

Chapter 3: And It Didn't Turn On: The public's criticism grows as glitches threaten to derail the Xbox's 2001 launch.

Chapter 4: Cool…Now What? : A console is only as excellent as the games it contains... Xbox, on the other hand, requires a gamechanger in order to survive. Then there's Halo.

Chapter 5: The Red Ring of Death: The Xbox 360 is in high demand, yet a major flaw is jeopardizing its success.

Chapter 6: TV…Or Not TV: Xbox has gone off the rails. Is it possible for a former intern to bring the team back on track?

"The project began nearly three years ago with a simple question: is there a compelling story behind Xbox's history?" Tina Summerford, Xbox's head of programming, was asked during the 20th-anniversary stream last year.

"It turns out that the answer was yes, absolutely. As a result, we collaborated with an Emmy-winning documentary film team to really dig in and help bring the story to life.

"At its core, it's a story about how Xbox began as a passion project from a small group of gamers within Microsoft and evolved into a source of joy for Xbox players all over the world." 

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