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A new lighter PS5 model is said to have been released in Australia

In Australia, a new, lighter PS5 model is said to have been released
Source: PressStart

In Australia, a new version of the PlayStation 5 has been released, which reportedly makes the console lighter.

According to Press Start, the new CFI-1200 series PS5 models weigh less than the launch consoles, so much so that the standard edition with the disc drive is now as light as the digital edition was at launch.

The new CFI-1202A model of the standard disc-based console weighs 3.9kg, compared to the 4.5kg of the launch version, according to the manuals included with each version of the console.

The new CFI-1202B digital model (without the disc drive) is said to weigh 3.4 kg as opposed to 3.9 kg when it was first introduced.

The PS5 hardware has now undergone a second revision to make it lighter. Sony launched its CFI-1100 series in July 2021, which was also lighter than the initial versions.

To summarize, the weight of each model is as follows:

PS5 standard edition (With Disc Drive)

CFI-1000A (launch) – 4.5kg
CFI-1100A (2021) – 4.2kg
CFI-1200A (2022) – 3.9kg

PS Digital Edition (Without Disc Drive).

CFI-1000B (launch) – 3.9kg
CFI-1100B (2021) – 3.6kg
CFI-1200B (2022) – 3.4kg

This means that the new 2022 PS5 standard edition weighs the same as the Digital Edition did when it was released.

It's unclear what Sony did to make the console lighter, but the 2021 models' weight reduction was due to a change in the heatsink used.

During a conference call with investors last year, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki stated that the company was considering a variety of solutions to help it deal with the global shortage of hardware components, including potentially changing product designs.

Last week Sony made the “difficult decision” to increase the price of PS5 hardware in most major regions across the world.

Europe, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, and Canada all saw price increases of up to 12.5%, with the United States the only major region that did not.

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