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Players are invited to "feel a new real" in the latest PlayStation VR2 trailer

feel a new real in the latest PlayStation VR2 trailer
Image Credit: Playstation

"Feel a new real" is the slogan of a PlayStation VR2 trailer released by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The upcoming hardware's key features of PSVR 2 are showed in a video trailer.

The trailer's official description says, "Discover how the revolutionary immersive features of PlayStation VR2 can transport you to thrilling worlds that feel, look, and sound real through PlayStation VR2 Sense technology."

The video highlights some of the most notable characteristics of the upcoming hardware, such as its 110-degree field of view, eye tracking, foveated rendering, 4K HDR display, and adaptive triggers and haptics.

Sony recently confirmed that PSVR2 won't be backwards compatible with PS VR and will launch in "early 2023."

There will be more than 20 games prepared for the launch of PS VR2, according to SIE president Jim Ryan.

He stated in May that "Right now, a significant amount of money is being spent on partnerships with independent and other third-party developers to secure a significant pipeline of compelling VR content at the launch of PlayStation VR2."

The installed base of PlayStation VR2 headsets will increase along with the amount of energy, effort, and money expended.

Shuhei Yoshida the head of PlayStation's indies initiative explained why independent developers are an important part of the company's PS VR2 strategy on Wednesday.

"There are big games like Horizon: Call of the Mountain and Resident Evil Village, and yes, they're amazing, but in my opinion, it's the indies who really take the risk because they want to make VR games," he said.

"Indies, like Mizuguchi-san, have been waiting for this next VR boom," Yoshida added, referring to Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the developer behind Rez and Tetris Effect, who previously worked on VR projects at Sega in the 1990s.

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