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Epic Games Store will be soon available on the Windows Store

Epic Games Store will be soon available on the Windows Store.

The Epic Games Store is slated to launch on Microsoft's Windows Store after the opening of the platform to third-party application stores.

Epic Games Store will be soon available on the Windows Store

The Windows Store is a digital distribution platform from Microsoft that allows customers to buy and download games. The Windows Storefront was substantially redesigned a few months ago, with overall changes to the UI and app submission procedures. When Windows 10 was first introduced, the shop received many upgrades, the most recent of which was one of the most significant. Third-party applications may now be linked into its storefront, which also includes other shops, according to the latest update. The Epic Games Store will be coming to an open platform, which will enable this shift.

The Epic Games Store is a PC gaming distribution behemoth where users may download and claim a free game for a limited period. This happens every week, and the freebie for next week's Epic Games Store was just announced. It's a service with a lot of value, especially because there are no monthly costs to keep your membership active, and the platform is constantly introducing new free games. The Epic Games Store, along with Amazon, is one of the first backers of Microsoft's decision to enable third-party stores to be a part of the platform.

The Epic Games Store and Amazon shops will be available as applications similar to the ones already on the platform, with their own product detail pages, according to Giorgio Sardo, the Windows Store's general manager. This includes the option to search for and install the apps through the Microsoft Store, much like other utility or entertainment apps. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney welcomed the announcement of this platform's opening up for third-party retailers by tweeting about it.

Based on the response to Sweeney's announcement, the reception to the store opening has been divided. Some fans were dubious, with some voicing their views on why this was a terrible decision, while others were more open and welcoming. Some even brought up the earlier this year court dispute between Apple and Epic Games, claiming that this collaboration would not need any cutbacks and would allow for third-party payment alternatives.

However, the Epic Games Store will be coming to Microsoft's service in the near future, but a specific date has yet to be announced. Other services, such as Steam, might be added to this open platform in the future, thanks to Microsoft's more open store app rules, which have seen popular applications like Discord, Zoom, and even Reddit featured in the Windows Store.
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