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Saints Row criminal ventures allow players to build their empire from the scratch

Saints Row criminal ventures allow players to build their empire from the scratch.

The Criminal Ventures side missions, which are supposed to allow players to personalize the underbelly of Santo Ileso, are shown in a video for Saints Row.

Saints Row criminal ventures
Image Saints Row
The Criminal Ventures side-missions are introduced in a new teaser for the Saints Row revival.

The trailer of Saints Row criminal ventures, narrated by Jim Boone, Volition's Chief Creative Officer, defines the Criminal Ventures system as follows: "In Santo Ileso, we put a different twist on organized crime operations. It's crucial to how the Saints progress from upstarts in the criminal underworld to eventually running a full-fledged criminal empire as one of our core gameplay mechanics in Saints Row." Players will be able to establish various businesses across the city, choosing what to invest in and where to invest, as well as unlocking unique characters, gameplay, and rewards for each investment.

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In Saints Row, there are a variety of methods to expand your empire and gain control of Santo Ileso, and Criminal Ventures is only one of them. Users get to decide how your Saints empire grows and what businesses you start. It's also up to choose where they go in the city, changing the terrain and providing unique gameplay, personalities, and rewards.

The Bright Future Disposal Company, where the Saints can charge top dollar for illegally dumping corporations' toxic waste; Let's Pretend, a costume shop where the gang can plan their heists; and the Shady Oaks Medical Center, which brings back the insurance fraud minigame from previous Saints Row entries, are just a few examples of the ventures players can engage in. Players hurl their characters into oncoming traffic and earn points depending on how badly they are harmed (possibly).

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The Criminal Ventures emphasize Saints Row's adaptability, letting players personalize their experience. "As players construct their illegal enterprises in the locations they like," Boone says. "Our trademark Saints Row twist on these criminal fronts will delight them. The Saints get closer to their actual aim of operating a vast criminal empire with each enterprise they complete. We can't wait to see whatever criminal endeavors you choose as your favorites, and we can't wait to show you more Saints Row."

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On February 25, 2022, the Saints Row reboot will be released.

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