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Clownfield 2042: Battlefield Parody Game is Now Available With Multiplayer Modes

Clownfield 2042: Battlefield Parody Game is release Multiplayer Modes
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Clownfield 2042 is now available with Multiplayer Modes- Battlefield parody Game.

Riverside Sports has published Clownfield 2042, a Battlefield 2042 parody, and outlined the FPS title's multiplayer modes.

Riverside Sports has published Clownfield 2042, a Battlefield 2042 parody, as well as more information on its different multiplayer offers. The parody project was announced barely two weeks ago, along with a trailer and Steam listing that delightfully criticized its own flaws. Players who delve into Clownfield 2042, for example, can expect maps filled with "mediocre weather and world events." Meanwhile, the "simple" enemy AI system will suffice for the requirements of the low-poly first-person shooter experience.

Riverside Sports' idea comes on the heels of a terrible Battlefield 2042 launch, which was marred by controversy due to the game's severely problematic status. The latest Battlefield entry suffered in terms of performance throughout all platforms; it also had a slew of graphical issues, many of which drew comparisons to CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077. At the very least, DICE has attempted to improve the experience by releasing many post-launch patches and promising additional fixes in the coming year.

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Clownfiled 2042 was released for PC via Steam today, December 31st, by developer Riverside Sports. The Battlefield spoof includes three maps: Paradise City, The Heat, and War Island. Riverside Sports has also revealed its multiplayer modes, which include All Out Clownfare, Hovercraft vs. AI, and Clownfiled Gateway, which allows players to "change in-game features" to play whatever they like. Clownfield 2042 also has six weapons, weather events, and a "very primitive" AI system.

According to the game description on Steam, Clownfield 2042 will most likely have a number of issues. However, players do not need to be concerned about them. Instead of addressing these difficulties, Riverside Sports intends to concentrate its efforts on the release of "new skins."

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Battlefield 2042 was released in mid-November, and it marked a significant divergence from the rest of the franchise's recent entries. For starters, the new Battlefield game lacks a story element. To the displeasure of many a longstanding fan, the title also abandoned the old Class System in favor of something that promotes Specialist positions. With publisher Electronic Arts planning to further expand the Battlefield universe with a new vision led by Vince Zampella, it's safe to assume the franchise won't stop making adjustments to the fundamental formula anytime soon.

Clownfield 2042 is now available on PC via Steam, while Battlefield 2042 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Steam, MP1st. 

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