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Kadabra has returned to the Pokemon Evolutions anime after a 16-year absence

Kadabra makes its first appearance in an episode of Pokemon Evolutions, approximately 16 years after the Psychic-last type's appearance.
Kadabra Pokemon
Image Credit: Kadabra Pokemon

Kadabra has back to the Pokemon Evolutions anime series after a 16-year absence.

Pokemon has seen several creatures that have become iconic to the series over the previous 25 years. Some of this is due to their design, with some animals being more adorable or amazing looking than others, while others are due to their excellent competitive stats. The Abra line was one of the most powerful Pokemon during the first generation, because the Psychic type was notorious for being broken when utilized in-game. What many fans may not realize is that the second stage of this Pokemon, Kadabra, hasn't seen in the Pokemon anime in nearly 16 years.

This is related to a lawsuit between Israeli-British illusionist Uri Geller and Nintendo, which occurred in 2000. He had sued The Pokemon Company for £60 million ($$80 million), arguing that the Psychic-type Pokemon was modeled on him. Geller popularized spoon-bending, which is a key feature of Kadabra, and its Japanese name, Yungera, is eerily similar to his own.

Whereas Uri did not receive any monetary compensation from this case, The Pokemon Company did discontinue the use of Kadabra in the trading card game and anime, with the last appearance of this Psychic-type Pokemon appearing in the 2005 Pokemon Battle Frontier anime episode "Fear Factor Phony." Uri, is from the other side, changed his mind last year, apologizing to a number of fans as well as The Pokemon Company for nursing a grudge for so long. He then wrote a letter to Nintendo's president, allowing Kadabra to be published in the TCG and anime once more.

With the return of the Abra line, some fans observed that Kadabra made its first appearance since 2005 in the seventh episode of the spin-off anime Pokemon Evolutions. While it didn't play a major role in the episode, it did exhibit Kadabra's display of telekinesis in an interesting way. The psychic-type can be seen in the beginning, as he is manning a shaved ice stand and tossing a spoon into a customer's cup during a festival in Ecruteak City.

Kababra is an iconic 151 character, so his reappearance to the Pokemon anime and TCG after nearly two decades is significant. The base Abra form can bypass developing into Kadabra in the trading card game, instead moving straight to Alakazam. Some Premium Alakazam cards can even be used without the use of any other cards. Due to the Psychic-debut type's in Pokemon Evolutions, new Kadabra Pokemon cards are anticipated to be released.

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