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2 million PS5 consoles have been sold in Japan
Japan grants $2.6 million to the purchase of medical equipment for Ukrainian hospitals
Ukraine Apologizes After anger rise in Japan as Ukraine connects Emperor Hirohito to Adolf Hitler
India refused to allow a Japanese plane carrying humanitarian aid to Ukraine land in the country
American drone company Zipline has begun delivering medicine in Japan
Japan's top banks are facing massive losses on $8 billion in Russia exposure
Capcom is increasing the base salary of its employees by 30% in Japan
Japan will help African nations in surviving China's Debt Trap
Peaceful Nuclear power reliance is the most important for Japan
Japan notices Russian amphibious ships passing between its islands
Tokyo schools have been abolished controversial rules governing hairstyles and underwear
Japan is angered by Russia's intentions for the disputed Kurils
The Fukushima region invests in a renewable future after the nuclear disaster