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GTA 5 is the most watched game on Twitch right now in 2021

GTA V is the most watched game on Twitch right now in 2021
Image Credit RockStar games

Twitch's most-watched game in 2021 is GTA V.

The analytics on Twitch is always entertaining to monitor; it's intriguing to see which games drew the most attention and how many people were actively utilizing the platform in general. A Twitch review for 2021 has been published, and there are no major surprises among the top ten games, or rather the top ten most-watched categories on the platform in the previous year. In 2021, GTA V is the most-watched game on Twitch.

According to research by the streaming technology company StreamElements last year, Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most-watched game on Twitch, and it has dominated the game that has been at the top of the list for several years. New Worlds reigns supreme in terms of new games with the most audience, with 259 million watch hours and overall 18th place on the list of the most played games on Twitch. Overall, Twitch's total viewing hours climbed by 45 percent this year compared to the same period last year, rising from 17 billion hours in 2017 to nearly 24 billion hours in 2021. Hours of game-watching grew by about 50% this year, according to Rainmaker's year-end report.gg, which included data from StreamElements, Twitch, and Facebook. Viewers around the world watched 8.8 billion hours of video streaming in the first three months of the year.

In 2021, 2.1 billion hours of GTA V were viewed, according to Rainmaker.gg and StreamElements State of the Stream report. These figures also demonstrate the global appeal of gaming and esports, as well as Twitch's rapid expansion as a streaming provider.

Whether it was xQc, MontanaBlack88, or Summit1G, Twitch viewers flocked to Grand Theft Auto 5. According to The Gamer, League of Legends was mistaken for GTA V by a huge majority, despite the fact that Epic Video Games' MOBA racked up 1.8 billion viewing hours in a year. Numerous improvements and excellent bargains, such as the latest online casino heists, Battle Royale-style Motor Wars, and the Cayo Perico robbery, have kept players glued to GTA V's online feature. Despite having 1.8 billion viewing hours over the course of the year, Riot Games' MOBA League of Legends lags far behind GTA V, according to The Gamer.
GTA V is the most watched game on Twitch right now in 2021
Image Credit RockStar Games

As players wait for GTA 6, the game's sales reached their greatest point since its release in 2013. It is supposedly the most-watched game in the game so far, with 2.4 million hours more than League of Legends. Stream Hatchet's New Year's greetings. That number had continuously climbed by March 2021, reaching 184.4 million, an increase of about 260 percent. Many credits these absurd figures to the growing popularity of GTA RPs, in which players act out certain scenes and characters from the game.

According to Twitch stats, Amazon Games' New World was the most popular invention this year, with 259 million viewing hours by the start of the game. While both games have received over a billion hours of viewing over the course of the year, Twitch's most popular category, Just Chatting, remains the most popular platform area this year, with previous streaming champions Fortnite and League of Legends being knocked off the list of 2021 Hottest Games.

Twitch content creators and viewers have exploded in popularity in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue. Streaming and viewing Twitch content providers have risen to prominence in recent years and continue to do so. Many people consider the Twitch game with the most viewers each year to be the most fascinating this year since it demonstrates how many people are actually engaging in it, not just watching it. With approximately 300 million hours of viewing time, xQc became the most-viewed anchor for the second year in a row, according to stream elements. This month, Facebook Gaming has approximately 400 million hours of page views, which is up from February.

The analytics on Twitch is always entertaining to see, and they give us a sense of which games have the most spectators. Although the presence of New World, the MMO Amazons, which debuted this year as the 18th most viewed game on Twitch, the authors of this study are unsurprised by the titles that feature on the list. The GTA community, on the other hand, is pleased to learn that none of these titles will make the top ten most-watched video games list. There's no doubt that the platform will continue to grow and attract more players in the coming year, with one or two surprises in the top 10 most-watched games.

New World was the most popular brand new game on Twitch in 2021, yet it only received 259 million hours of viewing time, making it the 18th most-watched Twitch game.

Twitch's overall hours watched increased by 45 percent this year compared to the previous year, jumping from 17 billion hours to over 24 billion hours in 2021. Similar growth was seen in Facebook Gaming, which increased by 47% from 3.6 billion hours viewed last year to 5.3 billion this year.

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