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GTA Online: Lamar Calls Out Franklin Unique Ability from Online Story Mode

In Grand Theft Auto: Online's The Contract DLC, Lamar mentions his best friend Franklin's Unique Ability, which aids his driving in Story Mode.
Lamar Calls Out Franklin's
Image Credit: Lamar Calls out Franklin in Grand theft Auto

Lamar is back, this time highlighting Franklin's Special Ability from Grand Theft Auto: Online's Story Mode. GTA: Online's newest update, The Contract, has been released on all platforms. Anyone who owns the game will be able to access this DLC for free. The Contract takes place around eight years after the events of Grand Theft Auto 5 and includes new objectives, properties, and businesses in the game. Franklin Clinton, together with Chop the Dog and his best friend Lamar, returns as the beloved figure.

The Special Ability feature is available in both Grand Theft Auto 5 and its online component. Each protagonist has a distinct Special Ability that grants them an advantage in-game. When driving any land vehicle, Franklin's Special Ability, Driving Focus, allows him to slow time. Franklin regains this skill in GTA: Online. Franklin can effortlessly turn turns at full speed while utilizing Driving Focus, allowing him to make meticulous movements fast. When Franklin's Special Ability is triggered, the screen turns a tiny shade of green, and in-game actions occur at a slower pace. The car's controls become smoother, and Franklin is able to perform perilous spins and slides without losing control of the vehicle.

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According to the GTA Base Twitter account, Lamar mentions Franklin's Special Ability from The Contract's Story Mode. Lamar can be heard instructing Franklin in the video clip, which was initially shared by the GTA Series Videos Twitter account, "Don't be doin' none of that supernatural spooky driving and s*** you be doin' And you can go real cross-eyed as you constipation or another s***."

Franklin's fate after the events of GTA 5 is revealed in part by Lamar's comment: the two have remained good friends after the events of GTA 5. This friendship could be the reason why Lamar is the only character in the game who recognizes Franklin's Special Ability. He already discussed the ability in Grand Theft Auto 5, and he does so again in this new DLC for Grand Theft Auto: Online.

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Lamar enjoys roasting his best friend and co-conspirator Franklin, as any true friend would. Franklin's "yee-yee a** haircut" is mocked by Lamar in Grand Theft Auto 5. Because fans appreciated the profanity-filled cutscene so much, this part in the game quickly became a meme. In GTA: Online, Rockstar Games even included a reference to the famous meme by having Lamar insult Franklin once more. The bromance between Lamar and Franklin has clearly flourished over the years, as evidenced by Lamar's frequent roasting of Franklin.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online are now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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